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Monday, May 17, 2010

.lookin' good.

geez, i'm so spoiled because as i was making my ultrasound appt with my new dr.. the nurse said they didn't want to do an ultrasound unless they were sure my hcg was > 1500... duh, it probably was last week, but therefore, i got to have another blood test. today's wonderful number that they wanted to see > 6000 was :

13697 !!

still not sure if there are two in there? probably not, because they are just doubling every 2 days..but we'll take anything we can get!

Friday, May 14, 2010


well, not here. i think it's the weirdest thing that when you ARE in fact pregnant, that you can feel so NOT pregnant. i know it's still so early, but geez.. it would be slighlty reassuring to have SOMETHING feel different. anyway, cam and i still can't believe it..and we really don't believe it still. that first ultrasound cannot come fast enough. i keep having bad dreams that the ultrasound will show a sac, but no heartbeat...i'm hoping those are just dreams.. and not how this journey will go. it will be nice to just get through these next 2 weeks and then we'll be able to relax at the pool in st. george for memorial day. i guess i'll just keep feeling normal.

Monday, May 10, 2010

.beta #4. (yes, i'm obsessive)

i think dr. f is probably so annoyed with my ocd with betas. he's so nice, though, and let's me get them when i want. so i had another one today. just to put my mind at ease... results are in..

today's number:


and the spotting is mia today, thank goodness.!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

.beta #3.

so, my dr. was so happy with the last beta that he didn't have me scheduled for one til May 12th. well, yesterday morning i started spotting and i called and had him order one, just for my peace of mind. here's how it went..

today's number:


not really sure what to think still, since i'm still spotting, but dr. f is not concerned...so i guess i'll try not to be either. not having another beta til wednesday. so we'll see. still can't get too excited, but those numbers really do look high? right?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

.beta #2.

ok, so we've already surpassed our beta numbers from last cycle..! todays number:


it's still hard to celebrate, but that's a good strong number, even for twinners. so i'll be waiting for dr. f to call to see if he wants one more beta or we can just schedule an ultrasound in 2 weeks. my guess is he'll want another beta. so we're getting closer by the day :) here's where our numbers sit for a normal single pregnancy...pretty high!

and i really love this chart that shows hcg numbers and how they correlate to viable pregnancies.

Figure 3. Probability of various pregnancy outcomes according to deciles of serum hCG
concentration 12 days after embryo transfer. (my hcg at this time was 333)!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

.beta #1.

beta #1 numbers are in..



holy crap, i'm pregnant.

at this time last cycle my beta was only 5..so maybe twins?

well, we're not holding our breath just yet..not til we see a heartbeat or two.

but we're happy for now.

and got GREAT news from dr. f today...we thought we'd have 2 to freeze and so when i talked to him today, i asked how those 2 froze and he said, "no, ash, we got to freeze 4.!" so i guess the last 2 that were lagging caught up and were frozen with our other 2. so we have four little frosties... can't wait to see what happens. and who knows, maybe some siblings with 1 cycle?

and, cause they're so pretty.