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Sunday, July 29, 2012

.18 months & 3 months.

our boys are getting so big.. i wish this summer would SLOW DOWN.. i don't wanna miss this fun stage with either of my boys.wyatt is now 18 months old and can't begin to explain how much i LOVE this stage. (don't i always say that about every stage??) well, there are some not-so-fun things about it (tantrums) but mostly i love how expressive and sweet he is. some things we're loving about wyatt right now:
-still holding strong with his arm twirls..maybe he'll keep it up until high school :)
-talks A LOT but only pronounces a few words right.. nana (banana), mama, and dad are understandable
-mastered the fork and almost the spoon
-still takes one or two naps, depending on the day
-has all four molars coming in
-has the cutest saltwater sandal tan line
-loves his sandbox and swimming pool
-loves running thru the sprinklers
-is a mama's boy big time
-has started being pretty whiney, hence starting time-outs already
-loves ALL food, seriously can't think of what he doesn't eat
-sits up to the table in a booster, so big
-has moved to the basement, didn't phase him.. he actually sleeps better
(i have to wake him up most the time)
- loves baby crew, kisses and hugs abound in our home
- loves to yell at belle for stealing his snacks
- loves to watch mickey mouse, chuggington, and einsteins
- will sit on the couch and watch sports with cam for hours (olympics too)
- still loves balls and balloons (lalooloon)
- takes me out to the garage to the stroller when he wants to go on a walk
- hates nursery.. hates is an understatement..we're working on it
- can do all the actions to popcorn popping on the apricot tree
- loves to kick the soccer ball around and run like crazy on the grass
- gives awesome kisses and squeezies
- is good at time out, he even starts to apologize before he goes in :) nice try dude
- still a big dude.. 28 lbs
- is just awesome.

now on to crew. he is so freakin' sweet. he is a fun little baby and i can actually say i'm enjoying this time with him more than i did with wyatt. the time is going SO FAST.. not sure if that's because it's summer, or the fact that we have 2 kids, or i'm just more busy.. but it's flying. as i'm writing this crew is already almost 3 months old. it's a little sad to think i'll only get to enjoy this age with one more baby (we're thinking 3 kids is enough for us).. and that's if everything works out and we're able to have another. i actually cried the other day because i had to put crew's 0-3 month clothes away.. and if i don't have another boy, i'll never see those on my kidlets again. SAD. but i couldn't be more in love with my family.. as busy as it is. everyone told me having 2 this close would be SO HARD.. but honestly, i don't think it is. i'd do it again in a heartbeat.. and maybe even will with a third. i basically do all the same things, just x 2. naps, diapers, feeding, playing, bedtime. rinse and repeat. i love it. i feel like the 1-2 kid transistion was WAY easier than the 0-1 for me. maybe in a year when they are 2 and 1, i'll change my mind? but right now i'm having a blast.. and it probably helps that crew is such a good sleeper. that probably makes a huge difference. anyway, i'm rambling.. here's what's awesome about crew right now:

- he goes to bed when wyatt does, around 730 and sleeps all night
(sometimes eats around 4, but mostly not)
- struggling with 45 min naps (usually get one good 1 hr-2hr one a day)
but he's so happy when he's awake that i can't get mad :)
- is the most smiley baby.. i swear wyatt didn't smile this much until much older, like 5 months
- he is a talker, maybe he doesn't wanna get forgotten.. he just coos and babbles all day
- is SO content playing on his own, probably cause wyatt is so demanding right now
- loves to watch wyatt run around all day
- totally formula fed and eats 4-5 oz every 3 hours.. gerber good start
- sleeps in his crib for all naps and nighttime, puts himself to sleep
- still swaddled, but probably will wean in a few weeks like wyatt did
- loves a binky
- starting to not hate his carseat so bad..
- is such a good sport, when we're out having fun, like at the zoo, he just snoozes in the stroller (love my city mini double for SURE)
- is super bald, with a little peachfuzz on top
- has a few dimples, hope he always does
- doesn't look like wyatt to us, but everyone says he does ??
- has blue eyes for sure, wyatt has hazel
- is bigger than wyatt was at his age.. i think he's almost 14 lbs
- we're just so in love with him.. can't wait to see him grow up with his brudder, we're so blessed.

Monday, July 16, 2012

.peanut #2 birth story.

cinco de mayo was a good day for the owens family
follow the link below to read about baby crew's arrival on may 5 :)

we're seriously having a blast.. crazy busy.. but having a really fun summer.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

.36 weeks.

ok, so i use this blog to update about wyatt's progress and since it used to be my infertility blog, i like to keep updated about pregnancy stuff too. i had my 36 week appt yesterday and found out i was already 3+ cm dilated. dr. g felt like i probably won't make it to even 39 weeks. this scares me. i'm really excited to meet baby o #2 but i want him to grow a little more. i bet now he would only be about 6 pounds! NO.. i want a little bigger babe. the dr said i need to take it easy and try to keep him in there at least another week or so. i'll try, but doesn't she know i'm chasing a 15 month old baby! she should since she just had her 2nd baby under 2 years old as well. anyway, i thought it was crazy that my body is already making plans for the arrival of little boy. oh.. and maybe you (whom ever reads this still) could vote on the name you like.. it's between:


here's to a few more weeks, hopefully!

.15 months.

15 months
i haven't updated this blog in a while.. here's a few things wyatt is doing at 15 months
our pedi doesn't do 15 month check ups unless they're concerned about growth or something else...
but wyatt is weighing in at a hefty
27 pounds
32 inches tall
and so dang adorable!
some things we don't want to forget about him right now:
-how he points to my belly when we ask "where's brother?"
-he gives high fives, bones, and kisses (both mouth to mouth or blows them to us)
-does "who loves wyatt. I DO!"
-does animal sounds for monkey, dog, horse, cow, lion, and tiger
-gives awesome squeezies (hugs)
-knows how to pinch his nose when we ask if he's stinky
-can say ball (DAH!) and balloon (da-innngg)
-says mama and DAD really clearly
-signs more, please, and thank you
-still eats whatever we give him.. loves green beans the most
-is transitioning from 2 naps to 1
-still sleeps 12 hours at night
-says CHEESE when we take pictures
-has been loving the backyard pool we got from grandma
- carries the baby doll around and rocks it (mostly cause we ask him to)
-drinks A LOT, mostly water!! how are we going to potty train! EVER!?
-is learning things that are "dangerous" like the street and pool.. waves his hand out in front of him when we say it's dangerous... so funny.
im sure theres lots more things im forgetting to add but here are just a few that we are loving right now. we can't wait to see how he adapts to the new baby. we're loving this stage so much, it will be strange going back to a newborn routine.. but we'll get there.

Friday, January 6, 2012


wow, where did this year go!? i am posting this today because tomorrow we'll be busy celebrating little wy's first birthday. i can't believe it and get a little teary thinking he'll never be a baby again. he's still my baby, but come may we'll have two and we couldn't be more excited about that. as the days creep by, i can't wait to see wyatt as a big brother and i know in a year or two our little boys will be making lots of little pitter-patter around the house. i wanted to jot down a few things to remember wyatt at his first birthday.
- he's still doing his straight arm twirl when he gets excited
- can take 8-10 steps but is a little shy about it without help
- dances on cue, when we say "shake it, wyatt, shake it"
- can high-five
- does patty cake when we sing the song (claps up and down though :)
- waves bye bye, or hi
- gives kisses, hugs, and head bonks
- is FINALLY getting his 2 front teeth, that will make a total of 4
- loves the bead maze, wooden shape sorter, and his books that sing songs
- still LOVES the bath.. especially with papa's swimming bugs
- loves to snuggle blankets and stuffed animals
- takes 2 naps a day
- goes to bed at 7:30 and wakes at 7
- drinks out of a straw sippy all the time.. NO MORE BOTTLES
- loves his daddy.. if i'm around and dad is too, he wants dad
- is wearing 18-24 month clothes
- is just the love of our lives
one cute thing i caught him doing yesterday.. i couldn't hear him anywhere so i started looking around and wyatt had carried his stuffed doggy and 2 books into a corner in his room and was quietly "reading" .. just melted my heart.