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Monday, November 14, 2011

.9 months.

wyatt is now 10 months but i wanted to just jot down a few things about his 9th month.


weight: 23.5 lbs

height: 29 inches

things he's doing and loving:


giggling all the time

baths (that hasn't changed)

balls, all kinds



walking around all the furniture

pulling up to standing on ANYTHING

drinking from straws

sleeping 13 hrs at night

2 naps




only has 2 teeth still

does his frowny face when he's excited, weird

wants to be in the same room as cam and me

not good at independent play :(

still cute as can be

and currently has hand foot mouth disease.. NOT FUN.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

.still in shock.

ok, so now everyone knows that we are expecting a SURPRISE miracle in may. first i have to write that this was "planned" but we really really thought it would NEVER happen on our own. i guess we always have had "hope" that we would conceive naturally, but you kind of have to be realistic too. so i stopped breast-feeding in april to get my periods back so we could start to "try" for another baby this fall. when i did finally start my periods again in may and june, they were super regular like they were before i got pregnant with wyatt..but they were longer.. i have always thought that my 24 day cycles before wyatt were a problem but none of my drs seemed to care. so now i had cycles that were the standard 28 days. lovely. i began doing ovulation testing in july and never got a + so i chalked it up to still having some hormonal imbalances. so in august i began testing for ovulation again, and on august 28 (CD 15) i finally got a + test. (before wyatt i NEVER ovulated after CD 10-11, so that was different, but better.) we did some "good timing" but we still both felf like it was a shot in the dark considering we had to do 4 ivfs to get little wy. life got pretty busy around then, we were re-roofing our house, landscaping the yard, and i was working a lot. i started spotting lightly on sept 6, and thought, yep, period is on her way.. didn't think much of it. a few days later i looked at the calendar on sept 11 and realized i was on CD 29... and the spotting was all but GONE. weird. my first thought was, ok, now i know my hormones are jacked because now i'm not even getting a period. i was planning on calling the dr to get some tests done the next day to see what was going on with my hormones. on monday sept 12.. i got home from work at 7 am and briefly mentioned to cam that my period never showed up this month. he asked if i was pregnant... and i looked at him funny (ok, more like a crusty) and said, "yeah, right." well by the afternoon i remembered that i had a dollar store pregnancy test in the cupboard from when i got pregnant with wyatt. i was sorta laughing at myself for even thinking of doing it, but what the heck. and i peed on the stick. i was SO sure it was going to be negative that i didn't even wait to look at it.. i set in on the sink and went to feed wyatt lunch. i came back to grab something and the test caught my eye... NO SQUINTING needed, there were 2 pink lines. and i kinda freaked out, not because i didn't want to be pregnant, more that i would get my hopes up that i was only for it not to be true. i thought, maybe the test was expired and it was wrong. i wisked up the baby and we ran to the store for more tests. and sure enough..all were blatantly +...no questions asked. i called cameron and he was shocked but much more willing to accept the news then i was...i was just in protection mode...aka, denial. of course, i called dr g and she wanted me to get an hcg and progesterone done. well, its been almost a week now, and my levels are rising and i'm on progesterone support, for precaution mostly :) my first beta at 14 dpo was 111 and on 16 dpo it was 259. anyway, that's the story and there is NOTHING that we could be happier about. we feel extremely blessed and can't wait for wyatt to have a sibling so close to him. i am writing this now, but obviously not posting it until we tell our families... which should be around the 2nd week of october... by then we will have had a 7wk ultrasound to find a heartbeat. so...SUPRISE...we're cured, for now.

we had our ultrasound on oct 1st and good news.. one little baby, one little heartbeat. we're over the moon.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

.6 months.

i just thought i'd jot down a few things we want to remember about our little peanut (or should i say BIG peanut) at six months.

- weighs about 20 lbs and is almost 27 in tall (6 month appt next week)

- he absolutely loves his baths and the pool.. he could splash in them all day

- he's taking 3 naps pretty regularly and goes to bed around 7

- still wakes once a night to eat between 3-5 (hope this goes away soon)

- is eating about 1 tub of gerber 1st stages food per day

- LOVEs green beans, peas, squash, and sweet potatoes

- just learned a new trick.. blowing raspberries with FOOD in his mouth. he thinks he's so funny even though i try to keep a straight face and tell him no

- is almost sitting on his own. he can stay up for a good minute or so but then falls back or to the side

- has totally mastered rolling, front to back and back to front

- just started to do baby push ups when on his tummy

- has two little teeth bumps on his lower gums... should be here any day

- LOVEs his sophie the giraffe.. loves to chew on her feet and horns

- is in size 3 diapers and still soaks the overnights almost every night

- has had 3 blowouts over the 4th of july weekend... one for daddy :)

- is completely binky free for sleeps so he doesn't wake for it 10 times at night

- looks like he's had chemo because he's losing his hair on the sides, but the top is SO long

- is so smiley every morning.. never cries, just plays in his crib til we come get him

- has the cutest, chubbiest cheeks on his face and his bum

- still loves the exersaucer, could play in it for over an hour...

- starting to LOVE the jumperoo

- has totally outgrown all his 3-6 month clothes.. very sad

- has been to duck creek, st. george, and we're going to jackson hole tomorrow

- been rollerblading lots in the bike trailer

- been 4 wheeling in the backpack

- has me and his daddy wrapped around his little finger.. how did we ever live without him

Thursday, April 21, 2011


so i started feeling really guilty that i haven't done a better job at documenting all the funny, cute, and amazing things about wyatt. i don't really want to bore the readers of my family blog, so i think i'll just use this IF blog to post stuff about him, and still document our IF journey for baby #2 in a year or two.

so wyatt will be 4 months on may 7 and he has grown SO much. he is learning so many things and i absolutely LOVE watching his eyes light up when he discovers something new. i never thought i'd like just sitting and watching him for hours and hours, but i do :) it's so fun. i'm also so lucky that i can work full time and be a stay at home mom all at once. i'm working sun, mon, tue nights 7p-7a in PACU. it works out beautifully. cameron has really stepped up to the plate and is a phenomenal daddy. he takes the night shift the 3 nights i work and he really does such a great job. he puts him to bed and wakes up when he eats... but the last few nights he has been sleeping 9-10 hours straight. his bed time is 730 so that means he still wakes up at 4-5am but he eats and goes back to sleep til 7am. i call that sleeping through the night. love him.

as for me, i pretty much had PPD/PPA. i didn't realize that's what it was until most of the people around me mentioned it. when wyatt was 3 months old, i finally called my dr and got some medication for it. it has been smooth sailing since those started working. i am coping so much better and that has allowed me to fall more in love with my baby. i didn't feel very connected to him for a LONG time because of it, and that makes me feel sad. i just have to realize that i wasn't me and the next baby i'll be more aware of what to look for sooner. anxiety is absolutely the WORST feeling in the world and i can't say that i've ever REALLY experienced it until after wyatt was born. it was very scary. my heart would race, i couldn't breathe, and taking wyatt out alone would send me into a full blown panic attack. i was afraid of everything, afraid he would cry while we were out and i would be able to calm him. who was i kidding. of course he's going to cry sometimes :) anyway, i feel so much better and i feel like i know wyatt so well that taking him places is no problem now. it also helps that he is such an easy-going, smiley baby.

so here are some fun things i want to remember about wyatt right now:

-his favorite activity is his play mat. just last week he started grabbing the toys. he thinks he's pretty cool when he does.

-he weighs over 15 pounds

-his reflux seems to be going away, he hardly spits up now :) yay for less laundry

-his thights have a few rolls each

-his head is still slightly flat, but hoping that it rounds out a bit when he starts sitting

-he hardly ever cries, only if he's hungry or tired

-he's now totally formula fed and does the best with the costco brand.. it's $16 a can and lasts 10 days

-he has only laughed once and it was for cameron, i have yet to hear it

-he always wakes up so happy from naps or bedtime

-he purses his lips when he stands and we call it his "big boy face"

-LOVEs his baths, just recently had to move his tub into the big tub to prevent splashing

-is just starting to take longer naps

-has the sweetest lip pout when he wants to smile but is starving

-only poops twice a week

-loves the bumbo, swing, and stroller

-has already been to st. george and new mexico

-his favorite songs are the itsy bitsy spider and you are my sunshine

-has lots of hair and it doesn't have an ounce of curl to it

-looks like he'll have blue eyes

-is starting to notice when i leave the room.. he doesn't cry, but definately looks around a lot

-thinks belle is hilarious

those are just a few things i love about our little bug. he's the best.

Monday, January 31, 2011


look who made his debut january 7th, 2011.. at 4:03 pm
wyatt jackson owens
7lbs 8oz
21 inches
to read the story click here:

Saturday, January 1, 2011

.we made it.

yup, we made it to 2011.. our little guy is still snug as a bug in my squishy uterus. it's such an odd rush of emotions.. you want to meet them, yet you're still not sure if everything is totally ready, and you want your little one to come when THEY are ready. i'm totally ready for him, but is he ready for us? as for our last appt (38 weeks) i was still about 3cm dilated, but almost 100% effaced. my next appt is on wednesday (jan 5) and i'm going to ask dr. g if she would consider induction for that thursday or friday? doesn't hurt to ask, right? mostly i'm just super anxious and absolutely excited to meet him. i can't even believe he'll be here in less than 2 weeks! we're pretty set on his name, but you'll have to wait and see when he comes :) hopefully next post we'll have a little baby in our home.. can't wait to meet you, little man.