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Thursday, April 21, 2011


so i started feeling really guilty that i haven't done a better job at documenting all the funny, cute, and amazing things about wyatt. i don't really want to bore the readers of my family blog, so i think i'll just use this IF blog to post stuff about him, and still document our IF journey for baby #2 in a year or two.

so wyatt will be 4 months on may 7 and he has grown SO much. he is learning so many things and i absolutely LOVE watching his eyes light up when he discovers something new. i never thought i'd like just sitting and watching him for hours and hours, but i do :) it's so fun. i'm also so lucky that i can work full time and be a stay at home mom all at once. i'm working sun, mon, tue nights 7p-7a in PACU. it works out beautifully. cameron has really stepped up to the plate and is a phenomenal daddy. he takes the night shift the 3 nights i work and he really does such a great job. he puts him to bed and wakes up when he eats... but the last few nights he has been sleeping 9-10 hours straight. his bed time is 730 so that means he still wakes up at 4-5am but he eats and goes back to sleep til 7am. i call that sleeping through the night. love him.

as for me, i pretty much had PPD/PPA. i didn't realize that's what it was until most of the people around me mentioned it. when wyatt was 3 months old, i finally called my dr and got some medication for it. it has been smooth sailing since those started working. i am coping so much better and that has allowed me to fall more in love with my baby. i didn't feel very connected to him for a LONG time because of it, and that makes me feel sad. i just have to realize that i wasn't me and the next baby i'll be more aware of what to look for sooner. anxiety is absolutely the WORST feeling in the world and i can't say that i've ever REALLY experienced it until after wyatt was born. it was very scary. my heart would race, i couldn't breathe, and taking wyatt out alone would send me into a full blown panic attack. i was afraid of everything, afraid he would cry while we were out and i would be able to calm him. who was i kidding. of course he's going to cry sometimes :) anyway, i feel so much better and i feel like i know wyatt so well that taking him places is no problem now. it also helps that he is such an easy-going, smiley baby.

so here are some fun things i want to remember about wyatt right now:

-his favorite activity is his play mat. just last week he started grabbing the toys. he thinks he's pretty cool when he does.

-he weighs over 15 pounds

-his reflux seems to be going away, he hardly spits up now :) yay for less laundry

-his thights have a few rolls each

-his head is still slightly flat, but hoping that it rounds out a bit when he starts sitting

-he hardly ever cries, only if he's hungry or tired

-he's now totally formula fed and does the best with the costco brand.. it's $16 a can and lasts 10 days

-he has only laughed once and it was for cameron, i have yet to hear it

-he always wakes up so happy from naps or bedtime

-he purses his lips when he stands and we call it his "big boy face"

-LOVEs his baths, just recently had to move his tub into the big tub to prevent splashing

-is just starting to take longer naps

-has the sweetest lip pout when he wants to smile but is starving

-only poops twice a week

-loves the bumbo, swing, and stroller

-has already been to st. george and new mexico

-his favorite songs are the itsy bitsy spider and you are my sunshine

-has lots of hair and it doesn't have an ounce of curl to it

-looks like he'll have blue eyes

-is starting to notice when i leave the room.. he doesn't cry, but definately looks around a lot

-thinks belle is hilarious

those are just a few things i love about our little bug. he's the best.