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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

.6 months.

i just thought i'd jot down a few things we want to remember about our little peanut (or should i say BIG peanut) at six months.

- weighs about 20 lbs and is almost 27 in tall (6 month appt next week)

- he absolutely loves his baths and the pool.. he could splash in them all day

- he's taking 3 naps pretty regularly and goes to bed around 7

- still wakes once a night to eat between 3-5 (hope this goes away soon)

- is eating about 1 tub of gerber 1st stages food per day

- LOVEs green beans, peas, squash, and sweet potatoes

- just learned a new trick.. blowing raspberries with FOOD in his mouth. he thinks he's so funny even though i try to keep a straight face and tell him no

- is almost sitting on his own. he can stay up for a good minute or so but then falls back or to the side

- has totally mastered rolling, front to back and back to front

- just started to do baby push ups when on his tummy

- has two little teeth bumps on his lower gums... should be here any day

- LOVEs his sophie the giraffe.. loves to chew on her feet and horns

- is in size 3 diapers and still soaks the overnights almost every night

- has had 3 blowouts over the 4th of july weekend... one for daddy :)

- is completely binky free for sleeps so he doesn't wake for it 10 times at night

- looks like he's had chemo because he's losing his hair on the sides, but the top is SO long

- is so smiley every morning.. never cries, just plays in his crib til we come get him

- has the cutest, chubbiest cheeks on his face and his bum

- still loves the exersaucer, could play in it for over an hour...

- starting to LOVE the jumperoo

- has totally outgrown all his 3-6 month clothes.. very sad

- has been to duck creek, st. george, and we're going to jackson hole tomorrow

- been rollerblading lots in the bike trailer

- been 4 wheeling in the backpack

- has me and his daddy wrapped around his little finger.. how did we ever live without him